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Proven Penis Enlargement


Jes Extender penis enlargers can extend up to 10 inches. For more specific information and product options (see here). Regular use can help add real inches to penis length and thickness. Once desired penis growth is achieved, simply stop using.

Jes Extender can be used for penis enlargement while at home or at work and even while sleeping! Numerous studies* show the method Jes Extender uses can enlarge the penis successfully. Regular use may even offer comparable or complimentary results to penis enlargement surgery.


Penile Traction Therapy (Enlargement Or Straightening)


Jes Extender promotes penis enlargement by using a method called penile traction therapy (PTT). This proven penile enhancement technique has also shown in clinical testing to support other areas of male enhancement, such as penile straightening and erection quality. If intending to use Jes Extender for medical purposes please consult your healthcare provider for advice.


Packages, Pictures and Videos


Jes Extender has been scientifically designed to promote natural penis growth by using the most optimal tension range which encourages the body’s natural ability to grow with cell division.

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Jes Extender offers various penis extender packages to suit men of all ages. For a penis enlargement comparison chart click here. All orders are processed securely, with full tracking, and posted 100% discreetly direct from the manufacturer.



Optimal Results – “AU Spec” Design

Jes Extender (AU Spec) is scientifically designed to apply the most optimal level of tension to the penis. Proper and correct tension levels ensure penis enlargement is promoted naturally, and with lasting results. This means there is no need to keep using once the desired results in penis growth are achieved. All products come with a manufacturer 180 day money back guarantee*.
Using at correct tension promotes optimal penis growth and penile straightening to occur. Our products apply the optimal level of traction within medically proven specifications. This ensures our users promote more effective and lasting results when using Jes Extender for penile traction therapy.
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High Performance – AU Spec Design


Quality. Precision. Performance.

Quality, precision and effectiveness are integrated into the scientific design of Jes Extender to promote optimal penis enhancement results that will last. There is no need to keep using once the desired penis growth has been achieved.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – “Use With, or Instead Of”

We feel our penis enlargers can be considered the #1 choice for men who want to try a non painful approach, compared to surgical procedures such as penis enlargement surgery. Men who have already undergone penis enlargement surgery can also use Jes Extender to contribute to improved results.

Official Products

All packages include local warranty, support and a full 6 month manufacturer’s refund guarantee.



Jes Extender Advantages:


  • Increased Penis Size (flaccid and Erect)
  • Genuine Penile Traction Therapy Device (PTT)
  • Promotes Penis Growth in Length and Thickness
  • Calibrated To Correct Tension For Optimal Growth
  • Manufacturer 180 Day Money Back Guarantee


While Jes Extender is made to very high quality standards, if intending to use our device for medical purposes, we advise to discuss specific medical treatment options with a healthcare provider.

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What To Expect: